Day 197: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

A gardener needs to be called
Someone must tend to this mess…

The garden is in turmoil
Weeds are supplanting the otherwise beautiful flowers
Weeds we thought we had eradicated years ago
Are meticulously creeping up through the earth to make their presence known
They are also inhabiting neighboring flower beds
Beds that would typically grow tranquil in the midst of rain
Blooms that would find reason to grow despite the absence of sun
Sister gardens that would normally share the common dirt
Have been put on display to pinpoint only the ugly and unwanted

This is all due to the storm
The inevitable, quiet, peaceful rains that watered the flowers and tested their solidarity with the elements
This weather event has finally shown the impact of its true colors
And, in displaying its true nature, has weathered the once apparently pristine gardens
Yet it all stems from this one flower standing front and center
Holding self-imposed court amongst the sister blooms
Befriending the weeds and encouraging them to spread
Confused and angry at the storm that decimated the once thriving garden by destroying the complementary other half of blooms
The flower decrees to anything that listens, ‘I never promised you a rose garden…’

And so…
A gardener must be called
The garden must be tended to
Weeds must be pulled and the flower must be nurtured back to its rightful stature
The other half of the garden will be filled with the remnants of the seeds, stems and leaves that were blown away during the storm
And while it might never, ever be a rose garden
It shows great promise that one day soon it will bloom again.



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