Day 206: A Beautiful Mind

What is bound to happen, happens
Disagreement enters the room quickly
Taking conversation into dissertation into altercation
Ugly rears its head in as well
In a full-frontal display of bold panache
It’s an inevitable situation where not one soul will emerge victorious
Differences of opinion being what they are
These contrasts, engaging emotion as they do
Someone is always going to feel as if they are holding the short end of the stick
After repeated rounds deliberating the two conflicting opinions
I tend to get accused of raising my voice in my passionate plea to express my thought
This immediately deducts points from the scoreboard because I am displaying open hostility by elevating the timbre of my instrument
It is immediately considered an act of aggression and judged as bad form
Others are built with the tear factor
Where unavoidable crying enters the conversation because a solid nerve has been pinched and discord is in the air
Wet faces and loud voices do not a great combination make
So the air of discontent hovers and hovers and hovers
It lingers like a malady from which there is no cure
The silence now becoming more deafening than the argument
An argument borne over the trials and tribulations
Of what can only be known as a beautiful soul hampered by a beautiful mind
A thought processor whose conduits, circuits and breakers are in a state of disarray
While I am not an electrician or technician
I know one needs to be called
Others choose to wait for we have no domain here
We have no domain there
In our inability to act with intent
We choose to speak at random
Rendering opinions and frustrations that lead us here
But the stress of the moment will be released
Beautiful minds arguing over a beautiful soul
Bringing discord to an otherwise peaceful home
It’s an inevitable situation where not one being will emerge victorious
But the meeting of the minds, even in discord, might help bring back the once beautiful soul
And the discord, tears, screams and all, will have been worth the fight



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