Day 215: The Couch Trip

I’m sitting on our new couch and it still hasn’t taken me on that place of refined luxury and decadence promised at the furniture store.

The leather has not made me feel enveloped in a sheath of comfort nor have I experienced bliss.

Instead, I think I’ve herniated a disc and pulled a muscle on my lower back.

I miss my old couch and being the creature of habit that I continue to become, especially the older I get, I’m not adjusting well to this change.

As a person of size, I require certain accommodations to make way for my non-tiny body and while the sectional moves and contours to my frame, it doesn’t seem to like me much – at least that is what my body is telling me.

My neck is also missing some support that my old piece used to provide.

I know most of this is me complaining because I fight variety in my ambiance and mostly second guess buying furniture that costs as much as a Smart Car, but Bentley (the couch’s name) has not been very nice to me, we seem to be at odds with each other.

Yvonne, of course, is enjoying the couch, she being the queen of bring in the new, ship out the old, forgoing quality as long as variety can spice her life – she is happy. Although she won’t say it, I don’t think she’s getting enough neck support either because Goldyvonne has gone through a series of pillows to support her head – I see her twisting and turning, looking for comfort – and I’m not sure she’s found the one that’s ‘just right’ just yet.

She sees me look at her and doesn’t say a word lest she should feed my dislike of Bentley. So I complain on my blog and because I have this forum I can speak my mind into the ether.

I’m sure I will warm up to the couch, just in time for Yvonne to find another piece of furniture to replace it. Until then, I will fasten my seat belt, sit back and try to enjoy the ride despite this recurring crick in my neck and loss of sensation in my lower back.

This couch trip may be long and arduous, but at the end of it all it will always lead me home or to the chiropractor.


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