Day 228: The Giver

There they were
Standing in line across from one another
All with outstretched hands
Some were the takers
Some were the others
Was it sacrifice or self satisfaction
That prompted their behavior
Was a selfless act truly their motivation
Or was this merely manipulation at its best
Who created this emotional tug of war
Where one received and one gave
Material, emotional, physical
It was not a reciprocal exchange
Someone always had more in the end
Even if it was debt, despair or pain
The taking was not always for the better
The benevolence of the share was not always pure
Intention was the arbiter
Expectation the spectator and judge
Why partition the excess wares to those who need
Only to expect some recompense in the end
If goodness appears with a hidden agenda
Unspoken and expected promissory notes on charity
Will never be made good
For the taker is not aware of the hidden debt
Plain and simple
Kindness should be gratis
Nothing more than an act of goodwill
But there are some
Some of those others
Who mistakenly feel that because they are the giver
They should also be able to take
They should be able to draw
From their bank of priced generosity they run
This is their downfall and where their true colors emerge
They are nothing but takers themselves
The drainers of the give
Standing in the line
Expectations rising
With outstretched hands
That no matter how much they think they dispense
Will forever remain empty



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