Day 235: Into Great Silence

The turn has occurred.

Somewhere along the way, I went from living in the world of boisterous, raucous noise to a place of quiet.

It’s been a gradual progression, slowly diminishing the interfering sounds of discord and replacing them with more productive learning encounters.

I think the invitation into this great silence is less a product of circumstance and more of a choice, but I have accepted the invitation anyway.

As the days on the calendar progress and the stack of days gone exceeds the stack of days left, we should seek simplicity in our surroundings.

With easy and simple, comes quiet, a visceral cleansing of our aura naturally occurring by embracing the tranquility of spirit: again, embracing the silence and the quiet.

And quiet does not solely mean absence of noise, quiet means having the lull to hear the call of those special life moments given you and to listen to the sounds in the interaction of those who genuinely enjoy your company.

Quiet also means embracing the light of positivity, eliminating the negative drains from your surroundings. Clearly, you will not always be everyone’s cup of tea, so focus on those who want to partake of your brew and wish all others well. Let them go find their drink of choice. Let them go find their quiet

As I wrote earlier, the turn has occurred because I’ve always been one of these people to push, prod and force situations to fall into place, but I’m learning the benefits of pulling away and letting go. I’m learning to let life lead me into great silence.

In this place of quiet, in this place where peace has broken out, I hear a hearty, genuine, full-of-life laughter that resonates louder than ever. And nothing makes me happier than to blissfully be able to write that it is my own.



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