Day 244: Dirty Dancing

Words can be so deceiving, especially when combined with tone and voice. Of course, let us not forget how they can also be masked by multiple definitions, act as both verb and noun and ultimately be read (or misread) in a myriad of ways.

Words are ultimately chameleons of communication and when grouped together – first, in sentences and then, in paragraphs, they are placed in the scene called context.

And context, is very subjective. Sometimes, so much that it gets lost in translation as it creates the dirty dance of interpretation.

For the past three years, I have been dedicated, consistently, to the written word. This blog is no longer in the terrible twos, it has moved on to the maturity of three. In 1,000 plus days I have written 600 plus posts encompassing subjects from circus freaks to food to illness to life affirmations to death. I’ve run the gamut on topics and at times I’ve been blocked so badly that I wrote about the pitfalls of suffering from writer’s block and made it my post of the day.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and based on this blog, you know that my life is pretty much an open book. My biggest disappointment is when someone misinterprets what I write and gives it much more credence than it deserves. Writers embellish to promote readability and this humble servant of prose is no different.

Please help me celebrate my three year anniversary in this narcissistic world I created called Juan Day At A Time. Take time to read some of my older posts, some of the new stuff and something that leaves you wondering ‘what the hell was he thinking’. Share my posts with friends, family and strangers. The only way to promote is to promote. I have no shame. Send my work into the ether – my literary agent is out there somewhere waiting to read my words and join me in the dance to notoriety.

Whatever happens, please don’t see my words for more than what they are – they are meant to inspire at times, entertain at others. Sometimes they are therapeutic for me and sometimes they mean nothing other than my brain is exercising its desire to run amok. Through it all, I have loved and am loving my little spotlight where I get to touch my seven loyal readers and I know that you are one of them.

Thank you for reading – I’ve had the time of my life.



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