More on Day 246: Happy Feet

He won.

America told him that his thought that he could dance was true. Of course, we knew all along after seeing him deliver week after week on television.

As I told my friend Martha earlier this week, ‘he needs to win because it is evident that this is what he is meant to do.’

His path, defined by those restless feet that do everything but walk the straight and narrow path of convention, is clearly defined…

He will follow his star.

He will grace stages with the exquisite wares he delivers from his pantry of talent, he will move and elicit emotions from the lovers of his craft and he will make home those places where gypsies such as himself find refuge – in the comfort of a crowd’s applause and in the shadows captured by a rehearsal mirror.

You were once ours and now you belong to the world of notoriety and good fortune. It is time for you to embrace destiny and become one with your fate. You can lead, but a preordained path is controlling the steps that you will perform under the spotlight – forever.

I wish you well young man. It was a privilege to stand in the same room with you while you were just the Ricky who made us laugh with your quick wit and engaging personality.

Today, as I write these words, my finger is dancing across the keyboard of my iPad with a happy heart because your happy feet found their way into creation’s purpose for you.



One thought on “More on Day 246: Happy Feet

  1. Coral Reef High was thrilled to have him as a student and I am so glad that he is part of our family!!! It was truly a dream of his and his win was weel sederved!!! Thanks to all who voted!!!

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