Day 259: Love, Rosie

I know what it is to be misunderstood.

I know what it is to have words taken out of context and have someone render judgement on a paragraph that was delivered from a place of love or a place of opinion.

I know what it is to have my view misconstrued.

This is why I understand Rosie O’Donnell and her new undertaking.

Rosie’s return to The View takes some of the pressure off of me to censor myself (that, by the way, is me being facetious – my seven readers will never top Rosie’s ten viewers)

In the 600 plus posts of my blog and with my limited readership, I somehow always manage to generate some very strong opinions from people. I never considered myself controversial or confrontational; rather, I’ve focused on writing my fluid truth and in so doing I’ve sometimes worked my way into a corner.

Passion is an unpredictable transportation vehicle that can often drive us to the opposite end of meaning, where structure of message is lost on the road through translation; however, passion is inevitably fixed into the psyche of all who are not afraid to be vocal – whether their platform is a television show or a simple blog.

I don’t know Rosie, bit I think I get her (truth be told, I find her quite enjoyable) because I think the same has happened to her at times – if you are outspoken, you will say aggravating things at times and you will be misinterpreted as well.

Yvonne and I used to say that if we morphed ourselves into one person, we would become Rosie because we understood the humor drawn from people of size and we were pop culture junkies. If that were enough to describe Rosie and her brand, then I might agree but I think there is much more depth there.

I’m glad Rosie’s back on TV. I think it is a platform than works for her just as this blog is a platform that works for me.

In the end, with Rosie out there and me in here, there will be enough of an audience to give us more credit for the ills of the world than either of us actually deserves.



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