Day 269: This Is Where I Leave You

My next stop is coming
The train of life is putting on the brakes
The month of feasts for me
The usher of Fall is upon us
Commemorating days of importance
On my personal calendar
The day of my birth
The day of my marriage
The days of importance for others also important to me
It is a celebratory month
One that previews the end of the year
With the joviality of a familiar doorman
How much has happened in just nine months
Unplanned births and untimely deaths
Hellos and goodbyes running into each other
It seems the older I get, the faster it all goes
With life giving us jolts of emotion to tick away the days
Tearing the pages off the virtual calendar
Watching one month become the other in a mere blink
So I plan to wear my autumn hat for thirty-one days of jubilation
Finding balance in my inimitable Libra way
Crossing the threshold of 2014’s backdoor
Engulfed in the spirits of thanks and nativity that will inevitably get here in yet another blink
I am ready
This is where I leave you
This is where I stay
My stop is here
October is here
And I am ready



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