Day 272: The Best Of Me

I hear the laughter, it comes in as if on cue.

Having been given the opportunity to live this one life, I guess my mission is to deliver the very best possible Juan to those who partake of my person.

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what that is, given that the very best of me is oftentimes a large sampling of wicked wit with a side of sarcasm and dark humor.

I’m a writer and an observer of people, so my first order of business is to look for the hyperbole in a situation and exploit it as best I can using a play on words to deliver false realism and unintentional humor.

I look to elicit laughter from the foolishness of everyday life and I turn the spotlight to those I love most: my friends, my family, my wife and myself.

I find material in the self-deprecating, discussing my baldness, my moments of crazy and my challenges with being a person of size – a fat, bald, neurotic person am I and I put myself on display as much as I can. Of course, I do document the follies of others as well, but it is easier to pick on me.

And, by picking on me, I am showing you the best of Juan. I’ve had enough tempered moments in my life to document my true life challenges, but even in those a little funny must fall because life is serious enough – we need to provide our own laugh track.

So that’s what I do.

I make the real absurd and I make the absurd real – merging the inappropriate with the inconvenient to document my days.

I tell you how I lost someone dear to cancer and the pain I was feeling, but I couple it with my recount of how I split my slacks as I was throwing a flower into his grave. I marry Immense sadness with an embarrassing yet real situation and I create cry-as-you-laugh-out-loud real life.

And in that real life, by design or by coincidence, therein lies the best of me – laugh track, tears and all.



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