Day 282: Left Behind

For Christopher

Everybody makes it there
We are born with a permanent ticket to the event
Milestones of this magnitude cannot be ignored
It is the first of many that will be gone in the blink of an eye
So don’t blink
That first celebration is for parents
A milestone depicting we survived 365 days of managing another being
In some cultures thirteen, fifteen or sixteen signify coming of age
They are rites of passage of a youngster making their way toward adulthood
Eighteen defines limited rights and expression of political opinion
Twenty-one opens the bar tab (legally) and allows the consumption of spirits
After that there is a lull as other milestones are achieved
Not necessarily associated with a specific number
Education, career, marriage and children decorate our life
As roots start taking hold of the land below us and our footing is established
And then, before we know it, it is here
That number that inevitably allows you to leave behind the roaring twenties
That number that establishes that you have a few decades under your belt
You are still vibrant and youthful
Energetic and raring to go
But life slows down a bit because your landscape is somewhat complete
Whether or not you have crossed off each milestone is irrelevant
For the skin you are in is finding quick comfort in the you you’ve become
Mirrors show tiny wrinkles here and there
Hairlines recede and worries multiply
This is not a bad thing
This is responsibility taking a seat in your life
This is maturity grabbing hold of your hands and walking you down the path of life
No one ever gets left behind
You welcome thirty with trepidation
But tomorrow your resolve will return
Don’t blink
Don’t get left behind
For you are thirty only once
And thirty-one, while not a milestone of sorts, is quickly on thirty’s heels.
Join today’s party.
Enjoy the moment.
Enjoy dirty thirty.
Don’t get left behind.



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