Day 285: Stranger Than Fiction

Leaving lasting positive impressions is quite overrated
Sometimes leaving behind a little wickedness goes the longer way
Angels we are all not nor do some of us aspire to be
Somewhere between celestial benevolence and the simmering fires of damnation exists the happy medium
It is a place in where I find my most comfort
I am a flawed, sinning human being
Yet I dispense immense affection and time from my pantry of connection
Never thought I was a person who needed people for completeness
I admit human contact makes my world go round
To engage in the discourse of a good conversation
One peppered with anecdotes and musings of a life well lived
Learning about the insurmountable challenges that ventured from tragedy to lesson
Listening intently to someone’s point of view, delivered perhaps from an opposing balcony of spectrum from yours, in an intelligent and cohesive fashion
This is the clasp that bonds us together and gives us insight and meaning to our days
I want to become the repository of all these events
Filed away in a cabinet of memories urging to be recounted via the written word
Accessorized with embellishments of language, colored with the floral artistry of a perfect word and a meaningful sentence
I want to subscribe to this belief sharing my own stories with others
Sharing those narratives that are so close to my center that they require another’s interpretation for me to understand my own history
Teller and documenter of stories I long to be
For truth is always stranger than fiction (yet far more interesting)
At least for me, as I stand on this precipice with heavens above me and the commune of tempters below me
I’m in the middle leaving some sort of impression
And whether it turns out to be lasting or not, will be determined by how long my words captivate you
And whether or not you will keep coming back for more



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