Day 291: Lady Sings The Blues

Away from home
Explosions come quickly
Seconds later we assess the damage
Minutes later we look around to make sure we are okay
That we are all okay
Where does the hurt happen
Did it affect us all or just one
How does the dynamic of one moment change in an instant
The colors of the night become muted
Bright goes to grey quickly
(An unacceptable grey)
I tend to leave my body
An outsider in my situation who is here to adjust the claim
There is no coverage I determine
There is no insurance policy for apathy
The debris and the dust of memories
(I stole that from a song)
Are but ashes covering the bodies in the soot of regret
(always a useless emotion)
The modification of behavior brought forth by spirits
Meets the guardians of sobriety in a dose of harsh reality
Akin to the sound of the explosion
Life’s ugly has set in quietly
Yet the night continues across the wreckage
The dance floor has land mines but the music plays
While the lady sings the blues
Behind the smile on the facade
Her lips nursing the olives of decision
Knowing that eventually she must go home



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