Day 295: The Lion King

He never liked the heroes. He always liked the villains.

It is quite telling when Disney makes a movie about a lion cub who loses his way and with the help of some odd friends makes his way back home. Along the way, in a twist of fate, he becomes enamored with a not-so-nice uncle named Scar who sends him on a rogue path.

There are many parallels between this story and the one of the boy who turns twenty-one-years-too-young today.

Gregory was born to two highly-artistic parents who allowed him to embrace the inner spotlight with which he was born. He was a performer by genetics and he commanded the floor whenever he took center stage and started entertaining us with his quick wit and charm.

In those early days where we were all young and our homes were filled with small children running around, he was the class clown, the kid whose curiosity always outweighed his chronological age. He could take the most serious of moments and send us all reeling into laugh out loud bursts of distraction.

As I wrote, he was born with the spotlight of life fixated on his presence and he commanded that focus better than most.

I remember listening to him belt out Scar’s song in The Lion King, an anthem to anarchy and a forthcoming coup with a simple line delivered via one long final note – ‘…be prepareeeeeeeed’.

Gregory loved that song. He sang it with aplomb and an energetic brilliance that captured anyone in his presence. He wasn’t the Lion King, but he came damn near close.

In these past few years, Gregory and I haven’t seen each other much but we know we are here in this world for each other. After all, he is and always will be my heart sister’s son and he is family. And, while I will never be a rogue uncle named Scar, I will settle for the more sedate name of Scratch and I will always send my words of wisdom his way, even if only through a blog post he might never read.

I long to discuss politics and theater and comedy and life with you Mr. Davis. I hope to see you soon and I send you the most wonderful of birthday wishes as you embrace your legal adulthood. My final words to you as you reach this milestone are plain and simple:

Be prepared.



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