Day 308: Sweet November

I’m standing dead center in the square of confusion, all the while wondering how I got here when my life’s GPS rarely steers me toward uncharted terrain.

I’m in November.

Here I am, sitting at a favorite lunch hangout and Brenda Lee is already Rockin’ around her Christmas Tree as the joint’s radio is telling me to ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’.

It’s too early for Christmas.

I haven’t even moved the candy bowl from Halloween to the hidden-bottomed drawer of my bedroom nightstand. This calendar on speed thing is a joke.

Hence my confusion. I’m still nursing my summer needs as fall begs for its exit and greedy winter beckons. We need time to watch the leaves change and drop before the snow covers the ground. True, Florida will not see snow, but I need a few days to enjoy the autumn brown before red, green and Hanukah blue crowd my life.

It is all moving too fast and I feel like I’m leaving something more than my youth behind – I’m leaving myself behind. I don’t think I will ever catch up with Juan because time, at this stage of my life, is on a different wavelength. The minutes of yesterday feel like mere seconds.

It upsets me because I have so much to accomplish and I certainly am not ready for Christmas. There is no reason for thoughts of sugarplums to dance in my head when the turkey and dressing haven’t even made it from the oven to my dining table of thanks.

My birthday month, despite a number of celebrations, seemed to be on a chase to catch Halloween as I have been seeing costume ads since mid July.

Why all this rush to wish our lives away? If we took this thing nice and slow, I might still be sitting under a palm tree sipping my Bacardi Coco Piña Colada while the rays of the sun worked on my vitamin D deficiency.

But this is not to be. It is November and there is no running away from it all – embrace it we must. So I put on my happiest grin and open my arms wide to the calendar while I say in my best Tony Montana Scarface accent, ‘Come here Sweet November, let me introduce you to my little friend…December’.



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