Day 330: Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

Tomorrow is a day of gratitude.

Yes, I will forever be grateful for crispy, fried onions smothered in a bath of warm butter and cream, but tomorrow is about something far greater than my inner glutton.

Tomorrow is about blessings and I don’t mean the simple little joys like no traffic days and Saturday mornings – I’m writing about those blessings that alter the course of our life and set us on paths totally foreign to the mundane.

I’m writing about gifts so immensely rich in good fortune that our hearts murmur with beats extremely loud and incredibly close to one another, sounding out the ring of happiness with each pulse.

I’m also writing about those moments in our life where we were denied something we wanted very badly, something that might have steered us off destiny’s course and paved a totally different road for us. Those are blessings in their own right as well.

I can’t help but write about those moments in life where we were waiting for an outcome to a current pressing worry. When decision walked through the door and smiled favorably upon us, here again is another example of an instant painted in the hue of thanks.

I can go on forever and given my limited time I will not, but suffice it to say that I will profess gratitude for so many odd things tomorrow, even for those sorrowful moments that helped build another notch of character on my person.

I will give thanks for my words.

I will give thanks for my life and everything and everyone that defines it in its entirety.

I will give thanks for many things, including those damn crispy onions and all of their cholesterol laden friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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