Day 346: Pageant

In a year not foreign to loss
It made its way back again
My Tia exiting this earth
Leaving my mother to inherit the title of oldest living member of her family tree
My mother, inconspicuous and private,
Thrust into a limelight that destiny planned for her
The winner of this pageant she didn’t know she had been entered into by life
But she played her role well
Ever the pragmatist
Ever the voice of reason
My mother took her place at her sister’s farewell just a little off to the left
Not commanding any spotlight or hiding behind her grief
She embraced sadness with a matter of fact acceptance that defines her persona
She knew it was time for her sister to depart
She knew a better quality of life might be found in an everlasting celestial plane rather than that reserved for the earthbound
She knew goodbye was the only way for creation to welcome my Aunt home
So amongst my cousins, children of this feirce, tiger mother to whom we were bidding farewell, my mother stood
Steady as a rock
Cognizant of the finality of it all
Knowing she was the one to take the place as head of this small family
So she moved a little from the left
Moved to the center of the activity and took her place
Steady and true…
My mother stood

In between the bouts of quiet reserved for the solemn moments of a funeral,
I cheered and beamed with pride as my Tia embraced her spotlight in heaven and my mom embraced her own on earth.



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