Day 361: Unbroken

Two days later
The brain begins to lose the endorphins
Reality kicks in slowly
Gotta prepare to close the door to this year
Open the door to the next
Put away the obligatory clutter
Associated with this Festival of Lights
With Christmas
With Santa
With baby Jesus
So many joyful times have been had
Condensed into the span of days
It is a cliff of quite high happy
From which to have to jump off of so rapidly
Into the waters of real life
Looking at her I recall the stressful moments we’ve lived through
In these past few days where we worked ourselves raw
Where we thought we bit off more than we could chew
Where we wanted to wrap a happy moment into a morsel of food
Where we wanted a mother to enjoy a Christmas of absence
Where we wanted friends to feel the warmth of family
Where we opened hearth and home for a few hours
Where we welcomed all
Where we got on each other’s nerves
Our spirits should be shattered
Broken by the worry and the preparation
Dispensing wisdom to never do it again
Yet it is all done now
The limbs feeling the pain of the endeavor
The feet swollen with the dance of the host
Happy times of past longing for happy times of future
The angel of joviality a little tired but remaining eager
Yearning for the next gathering
Planning, plotting, knowing
It will all happen again
It must all happen again
(God and the Universe be willing)
The spirit will be revitalized and undeterred
Christmas will be here once again
The Calendar tells us so
We will be ready
We will be willing
We will be unbroken



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