Tentative Resolutions


That is how I feel.

After a few weeks of distraction, the rat race begins again tomorrow. Ornaments and lights are put away, remnants of a holiday season that somehow seemed endless and much too short.

I jump back into my life feet first, but there is a part of me that is not looking forward to revving up the engines and taking them into full gear once tomorrow comes.

A part of me wants just one more cookie, wants one more carol and wants one more airing of Rudolph to remind me of the spirit of a Christmas now in the past.

Hence, why I am tentative and just holding back a little, not fully committed to tomorrow and certainly not ready for the fanfare of the first Monday after it all.

I’ve made no new year’s resolutions other than trying to keep up with Frankie’s (my nickname for the new Pope) code of conduct and suggested behaviors for this new year. As a spiritual person and a reformed Catholic, I like what Papa Paco (my second favorite nickname for the Pope) has to say and how he has made the doors of my local church seem welcoming and appealing again.

Still I’m tentative about going back to church too. I have to work myself back in and I have to do it in my own time. I know I want to go back. The only question that remains is when.

My final hurdle is knowing that tomorrow the debauchery of food consumption comes to an end – the damage has to stop. The feast of sweets and goodies is over and broccoli, asparagus and brussels sprouts are in my future.

I’m tentative about my dinner plate tomorrow too.

Real life, religion and nutrition seem far less exciting than feasting, sinning and gluttony but somebody has got to take the first step and I nominate me.

Still, I’m tentative.



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