The Blonde Yet Ebony Haired Idol

Destined for stars from a small one bedroom home in Tupelo
You came into this world as one with the power of two
The soul of your twin propelling your spirit toward the celestial
Graced with a voice uncommonly pure and disruptive
You erased color lines from a small studio in Memphis
Integrating race through musical notes
Sharps and flats blurring black and white
As you told your ‘mama that it was all right ‘
Gladys and Vernon never knowing they had created imperfect perfection
Teaching the world that a pelvis was a doorway to sin
Through the television screens of a variety show on a Sunday night
You were crowned King long before we knew we had a monarchy
That emanated from the Deep South
In a tiny castle called Graceland
Once the world loved you there was no turning back
We followed you to the Army
We followed you to Hollywood
We followed you into the arms of ‘Cilla’
Blonde yet ebony haired idols such as yourself come but once in a millenium
Your light shining so bright, so quickly, so fervently
That the call for home came much too soon
You left the building while the audience was still clapping
The ovation for you has grown even more through your absence
An empty spotlight showcasing a legacy that somehow shadowed your life
Somewhere in the sky tonight your star is shining still
As it will for generations to come
We loved you tender
We loved you true
And we always will



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