A Good Saturday

Waking up next to unconditional love
Charging toward the demands of life without hesitation
Not fretting over the upcoming search and destroy days ahead
Exchanging discourse over a common interest
Spending quiet time finding a solution to a work problem
Picking up the clutter around us
Planning for a week of meals
Shopping for fresh ingredients to nourish ourselves
Discussing the otherwise busy people in our lives
Discussing the absent people from our lives
Recapping a holiday season that was joyous and plentiful
Sharing moments of levity across texts with a relative
Sitting in a park enjoying a meal with a stranger playing guitar music
Taking in the wind, the air and the sun on a crisp Florida day
Walking where the weather allows us to walk everywhere
Catching up on recorded television
Reading the news and yearning for peace around the world
Looking for interaction with children who were otherwise napping
Missing some and finding others who longed for company
Visiting the big box of orange aproned people seeking a grill light
Subsequently installing the light in the dark
Cooking a meal from water and land to be shared with the family of choice
Sipping on a smooth vintage from the California coast
Taking in the cool night air under a patio umbrella
Ending the impromptu evening meal with a dessert of apple slices and blood orange wedges
Retiring inside as unplanned yet welcomed company depart
I sit before the screen and search the expanse of choices available for streaming
Selecting a documentary on a flop musical she and I never saw and wish we had
The Capeman and Paul Simon are the bookend to our night
When I rise from the couch a few hours later
Having napped through most of the show
I yearn for my bed as she yearns for it as well
So off to sleep we go
It was a good Saturday simply one for the books
And now I sleep next to unconditional love



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