Friends In L’eau Places

You are a traveler
Powerful in your trajectory
Silent in your destruction
Drops accumulating
Generating oceans of damage
Waiting patiently for when to strike
Your original appearance might be hidden
Not visible to the naked eye
The scavenger of covered places
Paving a road through where there is no route
You create the way
Opening the path in the wake of your appearance
Then you arrive
The fanfare of chaos begins
Amid the music of worry and impact
As you cloud our sleep
Closing the curtain on this year feeling new
Where I step I feel you
Yet your point of origin is foreign to the seekers who promise to find you
Once found you show all the ugly you can do
Still it could be worse
You could remain hidden
Wrecking the unknown
Ravaging in the dark
While we sleep peacefully
So I welcome you to our lives
Unwillingly and begrudgingly with a tempered smile
You the quencher of thirst
Can also make my mouth go dry with stress
You are the most powerful of elements
You are water
A friend and foe from the lowest of places
You take the floor right out from under me
Hat’s off
You win











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