God’s Uniform Of Choice

Dreams, even unrealized ones, come in all shapes and sizes.

They can be depicted by a land or a place where our heart has longed to see or set foot in for the first time.

They can be the embodiment of a long eluded goal – targeted weight loss, improved health, or completed education of a higher degree.

They can be more specific objectives such as the publishing of a book, the raising of a child into adulthood or the victorious battle over an addiction.

They can be a small wish for unrequited love to find reciprocal passion or for a mother-to-be to have an uneventful pregnancy.

Dreams are not limited by the container in which we place them or in which we store the hopes that propel the fires that light these dreams.

Dreams have the depth and the propensity to take shape and form as a being just one step ahead of us, always walking the same course and always providing the spark of hope for our next accomplishment.

The most difficult of dreams to obtain are those where mass opposition paves the road toward achievement and where challenges are the norm instead of the exception.

The most difficult of dreams to obtain are those where the status quo is challenged and our flawed humanity is delivered front and center to help both build and crush the dream.

The most difficult of dreams to obtain are those where God given rights are confused as privilege and humanity is reserved for a select few.

Dreams should be accessible to the masses and not just to the soldiers who were born wearing society’s misconstrued interpretation of approved armor. Skin, in any shade, is still skin and that is God’s uniform of choice.

Dreams should be etched in the hearts of all people as building blocks toward the character on which one day they will be judged, reminding us that dreams come in containers of all colors and breeds, of all genders and sexual orientations, of all ethnicities and religions – plain and simple, of all and for all.

Today, I have a dream that we are closer to this post engaging and coming from a place of truth, that it stems from a center of a new found reality for future generations and that any empty rhetoric sits still amongst those, preferably the select few, who hold on to the jangling discord of our nation – a jangling that one day soon will evolve into one brilliant and divinely souled man’s dream of a ‘beautiful symphony of brotherhood.’

Dreams, even unrealized ones, come in all shapes and sizes and today (as we should everyday), we remember.



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