The Desire To Be…Better

The month of January has rendered me ten pounds lighter.

Of course, watching what I eat, regular exercise and staying disciplined has nothing to do with it – I’m giving all the credit to January, the first month of the year that fills us with goals and our desire to be better.

Still, I’m ten pounds lighter and I know that my wife as well as my doctors will be happy that my numbers are moving south.

The trick to accomplishing this goal, after too many years of trying to come up with a quick fix is to move your body daily and to go to bed hungry. In the interim, I have to train my best friend, food, that he and I are over as rewards for one another.

My brain, the villain in this saga, is constantly fighting me…

Food is for nutrition (cake)…
Food is for sustenance (more cake)…
Food is for survival (I love you my precious…)

This is hard breakup, especially when insulin resistant me is always craving something in the sugar family. I must say, that natural applesauce and natural peanut butter have joined my inner sanctum of food buddies as I’m learning to create a new list of staples from the grocery store and I’m trying hard to stay on track five days a week. I shop in the perimeter of the store and if someone didn’t grow it, kill it or pull it from a spring, I’m trying not to buy it.

On weekends, I live with a little more freedom but I remember that I am living within the boundaries of someone who wants to be healthier and has decided to reach fifty (God willing) in October with fifty pounds less on his frame.

I don’t know if I will achieve it, but I’m going to try. I will let you all know. I’ve succeeded before; I’ve also failed before.

But it is January and this is the month of the year that fills us with goals and our desire to be better.

And in so many ways, too many too count or elaborate, I want to be better.



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