The Art Of Audibility

Can you hear me?

Are you listening?

Do you understand my request, my instructions or what I need?

Take time to carefully let your ears process the words I am saying, it is going to save you some trouble in the long run.

I need light starch on the shirts, not heavy. You see how I can’t move my neck?

I need one pound of turkey not bologna. Believe me, it makes a difference. Besides, the bologna is for the mom with the three kids who was speaking to your coworker.

That coffee was black no sugar, not light and sweet like the gentleman behind me who has no teeth.

Did I mention I was emailing that document to you? Yes, I did. Why are you writing me to tell me you did not receive the fax from me?

We said 5:00 for cocktails and 6:00 for dinner. Where are you – not that the second martini is bothering me much – but you were supposed to be here?

I just told you an hour ago I can’t have that report to you today, when did not today become now?

Thank you for sending me to line two – now I have to go back to line three because you don’t know how to spell Hernandez or your alphabet is different from mine.

By all means, step in front of me now that I just told you I’m in line three. Oh, don’t forget to run over my foot with your shopping cart – it is a must.

Combine like terms and then simplify the equation. If you do it the other way around you will arrive at an answer that is nonetheless wrong.

Show your work. Show your work. Show your work. Oh, show your work.
H—- show your worrrrrkkkkk!

Thank you for the bacon cheeseburger, but could I possibly have the grilled chicken sandwich I ordered without the bun? No – extra pickles, no mayo – not the other way around.

I’m allergic to nuts. Look at the sundae. No, I will not eat it.

Excuse me? I can’t hear you. I wasn’t listening. I wasn’t paying attention. Can you repeat that again?

Of course, I will.

Again and again.

And again.




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