The Language Of The Absurd

Sometimes bravery manifests itself in the art of not listening.

Pontification coming from the mouth of fools is nothing but the language of gibberish. My mind doesn’t interpret nonsense nor do I have a command of the language of stupid. Therefore, I tune idiocy out and only invite the sensible into my realm of thought.

At those times where my brain begins to interpret a bit of the hogwash, I have to catch myself and not allow myself to stoop to the level of dumb from where the message is emanating.

It is not always easy, but I try and for the most part I am successful. That is not to say that a bit of the language of simplemindedness has not worked its way into my vocabulary.

I was trying to share this theory with my sister yesterday because she lets the words coming from the land of incoherentville, bait and rile her up. I was trying to explain that entertaining foolishness is like inviting a vegetarian to a barbecue where you have laid out strip steak for the crowd and someone added ham to the pasta salad. Some people are never going to understand the big picture of life and they will perpetuate the limited message they are fixated on delivering for the rest of their days.

Our choice is whether to listen and our further choice is whether to engage.

My sister engages. She never walks away from a fight. Me, I’m trying to pick and choose my battles as I get older knowing that turning the other cheek, walking away or simply ignoring a less than quality exchange is much more heart and emotionally healthy than fighting losing battles.

How much courage does it take not to listen? I truly don’t know because I thought I was making a coherent argument and my sister ignored it. She felt she was making a coherent argument and I ignored it. I don’t think either one of us was utilizing the speech of the unintelligent, but somehow our mutual debate fell on deaf ears – our own.

Sometimes bravery manifests itself in the art of not listening.

Sometimes, two valid arguments over a known foolish subject result in the unintelligible populating the conversation and the two intelligent parties tuning each other out because they are no longer equipped to speak with or listen to the language of the absurd.

Bottom line, ain’t nobody got time for dat.



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