Enter The Light

Light enters the room when it is ready.

On those days where the birth of a child brings a new life into our midst, there is an awesome array of cheer and prosperity that seems to decorate those first few hours with a shine rarely seen in everyday life.

Babies remind us of how each of our actions can impact the actions of another and seeing them behind a nursery window or swaddled in a warm blanket, always brings visions of a clean slate upon which we can document our dreams.

This week, members of our chosen family welcomed a new soul into their circle of trust and my morning on the day, already augmented with happy because I didn’t need to work due to the holiday, was further enhanced by the birth of a daughter to another daughter (one who could easily have been my own in some alternate universe).

It filled me with joy.


There is another life out there where inspiration may be drawn from, where knowledge and wit may be shared with and there is someone who will join in the cycle of existence drawing a vastly different future for those in her path.

It is a miraculous, overwhelming and blessed event all at once whereby we see the color of hope in all of its glory, its palpable and visible hue decorating the shadows we catch in her light.

As a spectator, I can’t help but be drawn to the light of this moment. I can’t even begin to imagine what her parents must feel, but whatever it is, no doubt it has brought them into a new plane of consciousness and taken them on emotional journeys through roads they didn’t even know were paved in their hearts.

Light enters the room when it is ready and sometimes it comes in the form of a beacon that finally and unequivocally brings you to the home you were meant to have all along.

I’m glad they we are all home.



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