The Logic Of Departure

As illogical as it may seem to you

Goodbye brings sadness to us all

In a long life that enjoyed the prosperity

You so long advocated for years

The logic of departure is lost on you

For you were

And always will be

Our friend aboard the Starship

Carrying a cast of characters but none more enticing than you

You loved more clearly and stronger than most 

Although your denial of this truth was part of your charm

Your half humanity was always your dominant part

And while the needs of the many always outweighed the needs of the few

You always made sure we were secure in the realization

That you always had our one back

Your absolutes always resolutely tuned toward the greater good

Now you are boldly gone to those places foreign to mortals

Traversing through the stars you once observed

Inadvertently becoming one of them

One with them

Now that #2 spot is open on deck

An empty chair remains 

One not to be filled anytime soon

For you were

And always will be

Amongst a host of stars

Quite illogically, irreplaceable


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