The Way It Needs To Be

You need to figure it out.   

You see that line, the imaginary one dividing our two points of view, it is there for a reason. 

I’m an adult and you are not. 

For the most part, I am the voice of reason and you are the one who reads the menu of foolish choices. I don’t expect you to be wise and prudent and smart – it is not genetically possible at this stage of your life. 

You were raised in this techie world where words are acronyms, conversations are rare and good judgement is non-existent. 

You are all thumbs and no palm, fist bumps but no high fives and you fear failure more than you do germs. 

We did this to you by making everything better when things were not – by nursing the booboos we made you a generation of bobos

We can’t turn back the hands of time but we can draw the line and instill discipline while there is still a chance.  

IDK is not the universal answer to all the problems you can’t solve nor are you going to learn to answer the difficult questions in a class called Critical Thinking. 

When I was in school, they taught me the basics and the thinking part I had to figure out on my own. 

Today, I can think – it is a marvelous concept that perhaps you should try one day, without going on the internet to figure out how to do it. Believe me, there is no You Tube video that shows you how to think. You simply have to do it and miraculously the neurons will respond. 

Yes, neurons, look it up. 

As respects your attitude, simply by adding an extra syllable to your words of protest does not make them more pronounced, you merely sound as if you don’t know how to speak  – no is not no-a, yes is not yes-a.  Your need for emphasis is lost on me entirely. Entirely. 

I know I must be getting old and my patience is wearing thin, but I will not always be around to point out the obvious to you and I’m not sure you’ve heard anything I’ve said all these years with those earbuds fixated in the one place where my words can travel directly into your brain. 

So I write this in the hopes you might someday see it and use it to reinforce the disapproving look that appears to be my personal mask of late. I can’t help myself. We’ve brought each other to this mutual place of impasse where you are perpetually wrong and I am perpetually disappointed. 

So I’m directing you to the line. Look at it. Know that it is there. Know that you are there and I am here. We are living in the house of sense divided with me residing on the common side. 

Plain and simple, that is the way it needs to be until you figure all this out. 



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