The Well Of Chance

The well of chance breeds happiness or discontent all in one fail swoop

We never know what we are going to get

Throwing our names into the ring of creation we set ourselves up for…

Great success

Moderate achievement

Bitter failure

Questions and worry

Worry and pride

Worry and worry

Those are the odds and that is the rub of getting in the game

It is a true event of chance where the luck of the draw determines the outcome

Environment can influence

Foundation can give stability

Education can open doors

Yelling can motivate discussion

Destiny determines the rest and for that we have no control

We welcome them into our lives 

Gifts of love and desire and biology

We nurture, protect, instruct and guide

Later they sprout wings and learn the basics of flying

Just as we appreciate being grounded

We let them go

We have to let them go

We watch them fly, fall, fail, succeed and soar

We watch them stand still – the saddest movement of all

We no longer navigate their path and shudder at our own impotence to invoke influence

The well of chance breeds happiness or discontent all in one fail swoop

But we draw from the well gladly

We would draw from the well again

For it is still the grandest prize of life

To see fragments of you puzzled together into their own unique form

Keeping the light of hope and appreciation in that inner place where wishes live

The place where one day it became apparent…

…that we were parents


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