Brave York Of New


It walks the streets of a busy city and manifests itself on the faces of its people

Visitors by the thousands venture the concrete jungle and put on a brave face as well

The few who fear the city don’t fear it for long as this is a place that makes softness dwindle into walls of hard and steel

Amid the steamy streets bathed in the vehicle hues of yellow and black, the walking souls march to the beat of sirens, horns and whistles that seem to materialize out of nowhere

It is the dance of the York of new where the vibrancy of its citizens was never anticipated by our colonial forefathers

Bravery lines the walls of this town

It is presented in prayer at a Cathedral standing between scaffolding and designer shops as devout beings praise Him in worship

It is seen on the dancing feet of a kid who has made his mark on the town as he joins the chorus and makes his Broadway debut

It appears on the face of my friend whose glances of the boroughs allow her to understand that this might be the right fit for her child’s future

It sings on a subway station directly beneath The Dakota where a lone guitar player invokes us to believe that he is a dreamer and that he is not the only one

Huxley’s Brave New World is upon us in this collection of ethnicities and races that decorate the lights of a square that is less about times and more about crowds 

As this car I ride is avoiding potholes on the way to the airport that will take me home, I wear my mask of bravery too

I am sad to depart

While I know that this is not where my roots are firmly planted, I can’t help but feel that a part of me is already home

So I summon up a bit of the courage running rampant through the city and with the bravest of faces and just a twinge of regret I say…

Until we meet again


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