Breathing In The Garden Of Challenge


We take it for granted

Yet each gasp of oxygen is fuel for every move we make

One day she is told it might not be there

That she will need help

That her body has broken down and is in need of repair

How can this be and yet she still goes on

Because courage is also fuel for every move she makes

Bravery flourishes in the garden of challenge

Dinner conversation leads me to hear a story about a dear friend’s dear friend

Coping with a body in the midst of repair

A fix requiring determination, faith and the strength of character to cross the road to wellness

Defeat is simply not an option and yet I see my friend’s look of quiet worry for this being whom she respects and admires

A hero confronting a battle for breath and life

We go worship together on a Sunday morning in a city not our own

But God has traveled with us and our valise of faith is full of prayer

Silently we light candles and I light one for my friend’s friend too

In whispers we ask Him to look over her recovery and to nourish the strength that guides her journey

The walk back to our hotel is chilly and quiet

This spring morning has found the last bits of winter and is sharing it with us

It is so cold that our breathing is palpable and visible with each exhale

We honor this privilege

We know it to be a gift

I  know it to be a lesson taught to me by a friend’s friend

One who continues to fight

One who continues to breathe

And one whose courage has her looking forward to all that blooms again in spring when inconvenient winter finally departs


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