A Fan Of Choices

Winds of change are upon me. 

Choices are presented to us as life moves forward, similar to the menu of options we peruse when we sit down to dinner at a restaurant. 

We look, we think, sometimes we confer with those around us and then we decide. 

Sometimes we know exactly what we want and sometimes we cannot decide. 

We worry that our selection might not be tasty enough or that we may not like it – that it may not meet our needs. 

That interval of time between when we decide and when our order is delivered is filled with second guesses and bouts with worry. 

Sometimes it is all for naught because we like exactly what is put before us; other times, we wish we would have made a different choice. 

Life is a reflection of this dinner menu dance where things go our way or they don’t. At times we create the happy events because we choose wisely and at other times we invite discord into our lives. We are humans who play the wheel of fortune and not always do logic and reason good gamblers make. 

Gut feelings and instinct can be the purveyors of many a wise decision as uncertainty always adds an additional layer of risk where the returns can be quite rewarding. 

As I look at the landscape of decision before me today, I think this is an easy day.  This is one that will not be memorable save for the fact that I am living it and it is all mine. Today, I am not making any of the hard choices nor am I  embarking on one of those life altering  paths that might change my destiny (at least not by choice). 

Today I’m buying a ceiling fan so the only winds of change will be hovering over my head and the hardest decision I will make is how much to argue with Yvonne over her choice. 

Because her choice will ultimately be my choice. 

And that choice is one I made a long time ago for as far as I’m concerned, it was the best thing on the menu then and it still the best thing on the menu now. 


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