The Errant Son

Goodbyes are drawing near as a new endeavor make its way into the lives of our young. 

As someone who was never an official parent, I’ve done my share of nurturing and guiding, pointing out the thorns in the roses and the bends in the roads. 

The sons and daughters of loved ones and strangers alike have crossed the threshold of my home and have either been enriched by my wisdom or sent on the wrong path by my folly. 

The point is that I have been present, taking an active role when needed and inserting myself  where  needed. I’ve never questioned my role and I’ve spoken my truth with abandon, but always with affection and purpose. 

Soon, one of my new adoptees is leaving to embark on a career defining adventure, leaving it all behind to pursue a dream. It is not a choice I would have made, but it is a decision I respect. 

I sit on the sidelines waving goodbye with one hand as I hold his wife’s hand with the other, letting him know we will be there to support her, we will be there to cheer him on and we will be there to see him through this achievement. 

It’s not my place or my right, but I am taking a lead role here because family is not only the beings bound to you by blood, but the souls you claim into your pantry of affection and I claim him. 

This errant son has earned a place in my life and heart and so I stand in the light of support along with the many who want his destiny to find its natural course. 

And the natural course of that destiny is for him to come home to us all, still an errant son but hopefully a much wiser man. 



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