Jesus Take The Wheel

Early morning rise on the Sunday of all Sundays is a good way to start this Easter morn. 

Everything is new today. 

We are new. 

Spring has sprung (or is trying) and we are to go forth into the world and appreciate the smell of fresh cut grass, the aroma of all the flowers and the diminishing nip in the air of a winter residue that is carrying the promise of a future summer. The birds are singing (all 7,453 that are outside my bedroom door leading to the patio) and the condensation on my window panes indicates that humidity is at an all time high. 

Life should be fantastic and it is save for one thing. 

I sneeze. 

I sneeze all the time. 

Sometimes I sneeze so much when I’m driving that I let go of the steering wheel as my body convulses trying to rid itself of the allergy mites taking residence in my nose. 

(This is not a safe time for me.)

I go outside and my audible gasps for breath, as the pollen clogs my sinus cavities, create a unique sound that resembles snoring while awake. I keep looking for the Bible passage that says, ‘…and the deliverer would bring His message and Flonase to all throughout the land…’ but it is nowhere to be found. 

I am one of those people who is allergic to the environment and Spring is the ideal time for me to demonstrate just how uncomfortable I can become when labored breathing and a drippy nose become my norm. Under normal breathing conditions I am difficult – during this, the Season Of Miracles, I’m impossible. 

I can take medication, but then I’m walking around falling asleep everywhere I turn in a half waking, half narcoleptic state. If I use non-drowsy formulas I have to give up coffee because my heart wants to pop out of my chest as I become wired beyond belief. Besides, coffee and I are never parting ways so non-drowsy meds are out. 

So I welcome Spring and Easter and this day of delivery in my Sunday best and with the joy I always bring to everything in my life. I couple this with an occasional sniffle, a perpetual rubbing of the watery eyes and with my  perfectly timed ahchoos to the beat of Timberlake’s Suit and Tie. 

I feel delivered. 

I feel new. 

I feel deprived of oxygen. 

Jesus take the wheel. 

Happy Easter to all!



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