Searching For Ample Opportunity From A Reciprocal Universe

The search begins. 

It starts with our environment. 

Our surroundings either propel us toward greatness or lead us into temptation. Challenging scenery can encourage us to escape the bad and seek out greener pastures. Too much of a good thing can make us complacent. The people, places and things that color our scenery also complete the course we will follow. 

Thus, environment is a factor. 

Next, is the contribution made by our brain chemistry. 

Our minds are prewired at birth to make us achievers or beings frought with incompleteness in our performance DNA. There are those who carry buckets of what could be instead of look what is to the well of accomplishment. Not everyone is conditioned to do great things, but everyone is compelled to do something. Sometimes, the something simply happens to be something extraordinary. 

As part of the equation, desire, determination and drive contribute to the level of success or failure, depending on the direction one wishes to steer these three Ds, components so crucial to execution. 

Finally, there is an alignment that happens when the stars and planets are in our favor, it is the luck of the draw, a happenstance manifested by our delivering of positive, consistent vibes to a willing universe ready to reciprocate with ample opportunity for our efforts. 

We are given our moment when it is due to us, after our embrace or disdain of our environment is complete, after our brain waves find the balance for us to execute, after our desire, determination and drive lead us to navigate exhaustedly on the road of tenacity toward the cliff of success. 

Once we go off that cliff, we bask in the glory of our triumph as our search is over. 

And whether that glory is enjoyed by an almost fifty year old struggling writer relishing in the joy of composing the most perfect sentence to deliver a thought or by a future lawyer, more than half his age being named Editor-in-Chief of the Rutgers Law Review, there is only one word that can define this singularly unique moment as all other words are moot…




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