Excursions In My Head

Visions of a picnic along the green grass expanse at the base of the structure fill my dreams of travel

In my bag of longing I have brought along some crusty bread, a deep red vintage and a hunk of fromage my taste buds crave

It is a perfect day in the city that tonight will beam with lights

It is the start of a perfect excursion that lives in my head only for now

Evenings later I see myself at the revue I’ve heard about in movies, a throwback to a yesteryear I never lived

Days pass and I’ve left this city and traveled to another country just for the day, the magic of the rails showing us their power

Tomorrow another method of transport takes me to yet another land where the ancestors of my ancestors found their language and their voice

I plan to traverse the rugged lands of its north in search of family’s family, collecting more memories for my adventure journal

In the south, I can taste the sustainable foods coming from open markets and bars lined with plates waging a bidding war as to what delicacy will make it into my mouth

The local ale, cider or tinto comforts and complements my palette as I consume too many treats to describe

The countrysides and roads will lead me to places unknown, where I will look for straggling pieces of my person, remnants that have been left for me to find and place in my treasure chest of human completeness

This is an experience that must be had at least once in this lifetime and my turn is due

But first time must pass and the plans must be made

My appointment with destiny stays in the cupboard of wait as the preparations begin

Then, one day, sooner than expected, I will cross that sea as an overnight appointment with the sky is met and upon descent my feet will touch foreign soil.

Inevitably, because I tend to become part of all I meet and see, it will feel like home. 

Visions of  expectation fill my dreams of travel…



One thought on “Excursions In My Head

  1. Do what makes you happy and nurtures your soul. I travel whenever possible and make new discoveries which I always treasure.

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