Sunday Conversations In A Parallel Universe

Today we would have spoken

You and I

Discussing your trip back home in a few weeks as Grad school was slowly coming to an end

Entertaining thoughts of moving to California again to pursue the technology opportunity you felt was too good to pass up

Of course, I would be pushing and prodding, encouraging you to look at other markets, some closer to home

Reminding you that she (really we) wanted you here, that she (even more we) wanted you to settle down and start a family

She would pipe in as you and I were on the phone, encouraging you to FaceTime us so she could see you (Esta may flaco, he’s not eating enough she would tell me)

You would be your usual quiet, polite self who would ignore her requests and tell me how hard you were working and that you couldn’t wait for it all to be over

I would enjoy this conversation, early on a Sunday morning, a routine of the life we had built

You were the only one we had in the picture, but we felt you had surpassed all of our expectations

I reminded you on occasion how difficult you had made those years between fourteen and sixteen for us, how we’d never imagined then that your life would take you this far

You would remind me that you had not been that difficult, simply challenging, pulling the semantics card you had genetically inherited from me

You would also remind me that you had a softball game to go to and that you’d have to get off the phone soon prompting me to mock the name of your team, The Offline Outfields, surprised that you were number one in your league

We’d talk a bit more and then you’d speak to her for a bit, always coming back to me in the end

‘I love you Dad, I’ll see you soon.’

Those conversations always filled me with a pride that carried me through the next week. 

We would have been a fine pair you and I


 in a parallel universe where life is just and fair and perfect

           you and I

                    my unborn son

                              we are…

We are. 



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