The Ease Of The Walk

It was a great relaxing weekend

One filled with accomplishments of the leisure kind

Vacation plans discussed

Great home cooked meals enjoyed

Lively conversation to fill hours without finding a void or a lull in the bunch of words exchanged 

This is the ease we seek in our human relationships

The ability to fill a room with nothing material and make it material

The energy combined in the discourse of people from different generations who have found common ground in this time and place

The desire to look forward with individuals because behind us is an immense history of mutual respect and genuine affection

The priceless advantage of seeing family as friends, making the connection all the more special

Finding time for the ones who add value to our days is a necessary inconvenience to our busy schedules

It reinvigorates our soul and allows us to match memories with irreplaceable laughter and tears

We are people who will always need people

If we are lucky and choose wisely, we will walk this road through trials, triumphs and tribulations

We will walk in the best of company

We will walk in the light of happy and trying days

But most importantly, even when distance keeps us apart, the ease of the walk is that we we will never walk alone



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