The Homicide On Our Peace In Tap Shoes  


The dance of life at the recital

A week of challenge meets Saturday in a quiet morning where we sit on the sofa and watch mindless television

So much of our peace attacked from so many directions

Work demands, data demands, emotional demands

Requests to engage in acts requiring energy we have not got

And rain

Don’t forget the rain

A rain that prevents the new coat of paint to dress our tired home

Makeup for a structure that is showing a worn face

Worn like the fifties who sit side by side next to each other

 Is this what old is supposed to feel like?

That AARP card looks less like discounts and more like a reminder of this long road we’ve traversed

Still, Saturday looks refreshing in the expected ninety degree weather

After yesterday’s early bird dinner of pomegranates and pears and olives paired with clear spirits that cloud distress 

The coffee of this morning seems weak

Mindless television plays

We watch, we wait, we age

We stay on the case

Attacking the homicide on our peace in tap shoes

Remembering that through it all

With tired smiles that promote a wrinkle in time

We will sit down together and we will get up together

Challenge will take the dance floor and we will dance

But we will always lead



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