Several Shades Of Fate

I put a blindfold on her and spun her around like a top. 

I challenged her sensibilities and forced her to go through some very dark roads with me. 

This was the first of many shades she shared with me. 

She let me manhandle her and force her to do things she was not inclined to accept. 

There were no safe words for us to exchange or for her to utter to make me stop. 

I’m stubborn and driven that way – it’s my way or the highway and she folded,  into every curve I threw her way. 

Through it all she was silent, almost as if biding her time to make her move. 

How could I have underestimated her prowess and not recognize her ability to take my bullying without as much as one protest?

I smugly thought I was in charge and she was playing me all along. 

While I deviated her trajectory, she went along throwing stones behind her to track her path. 

She would get back to the starting point and she would lead us both back to the beginning. 

My game of chance was just the temptation she needed to draw me into her preordained agenda. 

How dare I dare to think that I would have dominion over her, she the purveyor of destiny and me simply one of her unwilling pawns?

I thought I had tied her down and it was she who had cuffed me at the wrists all along. 

My hands were bound and she was simply waiting for the right moment to bring me toward her. 

All the while she had led me through lessons and challenges and roads unpaved. 

All the while she had held the reins. 

All the while she knew where we would end. 

All the while, she steered the course and I was none the wiser. 

But she knew as she always does because…

Fate always knows. 



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