We’re Not Talking About Colors

We are not talking about colors. 

We are talking about paint. 

It covers all and makes things pretty again. 

Paint needs color. 

Two masks that go good together. 

You got your color in my paint, sort of like the Reese’s of decoration. 

I’m not afraid of color, I simply don’t like bold expressions that overpower my presence. 

Once the paint is up or down there is no turning back. The statement is going to be made and the thought of reprinting is out of the question.

The hue becomes one we live with,  accepting its darkness, brightness, tint or whatever it is that renders us uncomfortable or comfortable. 

The color wheel is a direct connection to our moods and to our psyche. One bad shade and anger or depression lives. 

Color affected me yesterday in ways I didn’t expect. I couldn’t take the chutzpah it displayed as it challenged my sensibilities. It stood up to me shamelessly flaunting its degrees on the Fahrenheit scale of orange. 

It scared me for a little while and then I remembered I have never been afraid of its power for it is temporary. 

Color is brave until it is confronted with the fierceness of contrast. Color is bold until light and dark stand up to it. Color is as color does – adult crayons from the palette of choice.  That choice, sometimes, is a little orange. 

But we’re not talking about colors. 

We are talking about paint. 



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