The Everyman’s Che Awaits

To share in your sympathy

To accompany you in your sentiment

To grieve alongside with you

To provide courage in a moment of loss

That is what we do from afar

That is what is done from a true heart

Losses of people we love build bridges that traverse conflicts of these hearts

Opening doors that have remained locked needlessly

Today Heaven’s gates opens up to him (invitation extended of course or he might not show up)

The handyman with the sharp tongue and the wicked wit

Is delivered to St. Peter’s tour

Taken from an immediate family

Welcomed to the table of extended relatives placed under the shadow of God’s grace
I now know why my mind was burdened with anxiety today

The frequency of sadness turned up to its full volume

The sensitivity factor finding full throttle in me

I stand back and offer condolences in the only way I am allowed to deliver

Words of thought mix with words of prayer, regret and praise

Transforming loss into gains of silent peace

A grieving widow finds solace in the arms of sons whose comfort will restore order

Life’s realities becoming more vivid with each passing hour

From above he watches in a space where defeat and pain are no longer present in his present

Sad to be gone

Sad to be removed from this valley of life 

But finding hope as the sun sets on this day where his mortal coil met its finality

Looking forward to the dawn of someday when they will all be reunited in a perfect heaven

The everyman’s Che awaits



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