Bella And The Beat

She is remarkably tall for her age

A model of beanpole perfection enveloped in grace

Leaping and flying through the stage

Pointing toes better than most around her

Showing us the love of the dance

In the precision of movements that appear to be fit to her like hand and glove

No matter the genre she seems comfortable in its presence

Finding time to smile as she executes a flawless pirouette

Making the audience gasp in awe

Talent of this nature must be nurtured and embraced

Helping tenacity find a home in the bosom of applause

As she twirls and wraps herself to my heart through our mutual love of art

I can’t help but remember the little girl who was bestowed to us

Yet another Godchild on whom we could confer our batches of crazy 

The same bright big smile comes off the stage and taps me on the shoulder to say

Hello Godfather in a greeting so undeniably her own, another personal step in her repertoire

And there she is a full fledged dancer that I am meeting for the first time

Pictures never doing justice to the actions taken on this arena

There is beauty in the execution of her moves

There is magic in the grace of each step

There is a promise of so much more yet to come

For I don’t think we have all witnessed the magnitude of how this is destined to end

The tale of Bella and the Beat is yet to see its natural conclusion

And when it does, we will either clap in thunderous ovation or like the dancer herself, dance as if no one else is watching…



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