Red Devil No More

There were drops of red in the pool. 

It was not blood. 

It was not evidence of a crime scene gone wrong. 

It was not the trail of an event that would lead to further investigations from law enforcement. 

They were the mistakes of a non strategic painter who was attempting to paint the coping bricks that lined our swimming pool with brick red paint. 

He was using paint instead of stain as agreed.

He was doing this over my newly resurfaced pool. 

He was doing this at Yvonne’s direction. 

I lost my mind. 

I summoned up every demon from the boils of the earth and channeled them through my person as I descended upon Yvonne with the most vile of verbal tirades (this one I clearly own) that she just looked at me in silence, perplexed at my behavior. 

She didn’t speak for two days, her silence being just the exorcism my soul needed to rid myself of the red devil that had possessed my being. 

I also didn’t speak for two days. 

I lost my ability to articulate my thoughts because all I could see was red and red was the color of the stains on the pool, red was the color of blood, red was the color of…

Red was the color of the crime I would have committed if I were not a sane, reasoning human being who found comfort in chocolate frosted donuts. I think I ate one for every stain in the pool. 

When Yvonne and I finally spoke, she explained how she and I had discussed this, how I had agreed and how, somewhat, this too was my fault. I chose the paint, I telekinetically communicated with the painter and I agreed to ruin a several thousands plus dollar job on a whim. 

Having put the demons away for another day of soul maddening, I again lost my ability to articulate a thought as I sat there dumbfounded on how I was to blame. 

The red was my fault. 

The drops were my fault. 

I was responsible for the summoning of the dark being who had invaded my soul. 

Yvonne was once again in the clear and I of course was left seeing only this…


When the pool guy came and cleaned the stains, the only red I saw was in my checkbook as I deducted his additional cleaning fee. 

Then, I saw red no more. 



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