Sun shining

Beads of sweat running down my face

The glare of the view before me blinding 

The shore is making the music of waves

As I drown out all other noises

There is warmth on my arms and legs

Yet the chill of the wind is beckoning me to move

A coldness that is all over

Liquid red mixing with the salty water

A bitter liquid I can taste

I must get up and get out of this place

I must steal away

It’s not good to sit idly while the light of fire dances above me

The beach, sun, sand and sounds

Spoils of war where nature’s beauty should reside

It will be upon these shores where my eyes will last see light

It will be on this land where my mark of bravery will be made

It will be on this soil where I will return to my earth

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust



Missing in action

Lying on a beach

Under the scorching sun

Sand and surf and death

A life is snuffed out

Only to be remembered amongst the fallen




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