On a good Friday night, one where the cares of the week are discarded and the weekend takes flight, I am partial to the vodka Martini littered with the filth of olive brine and a very dry vermouth. 

I admit it. I like my occasional tiny triple cocktail to cloak the burden of life’s mundane worries and give me the sojourn into the world of permanent smiles and laughter. 

Couple the spirits with a fantastic meal and an even better company, and magically the thread of happiness is sewn into the fabric of this end of week. 

Yesterday was one of those Fridays and reflecting on it this morning, when the sobriety of Saturday is lying with me in bed, I’ve lost the buzz but the contentment of an evening well spent is still peppering my endorphins. 

I can still taste the anecdotes and stories shared at our dinner table, savoring the exchange of family and friendship in every morsel of conversation. 

I can hear the chorus of laughter we enjoyed, a harmony of happy acting as a  special condiment to the extraordinary meal prepared by my wife. 

I can see the faces of little girls, life sisters, new visitors to our home finding the fun in a new backyard, a lonely piano and the perpetual playing frames of Disney’s Frozen. 

I see the warmth of friendship shared at our dining table, family style, in the best way that affection can be delivered to someone who enters your home – by cooking  them something, giving  them a beverage and opening  your heart. 

That’s what we do, that’s what we did and hopefully, that is what we will do again someday. 

For now, I am forced to get out of bed and face Saturday, hoping the ibuprofen I took last night before bed will numb the sting of the vodka aftermath. 

Today, no doubt, I might  partake of some of the leftover food and watch it all disappear in yet another appearance made by my gluttonous person. 

But what about the other leftovers?

As I open my pantry of affection, I am torn about what to do with those remnants of memories from last night and immediately I answer my own question. 

With emotional leftovers this good, you simply put them away and keep them until you can share them with the same company…next time. 



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