I Picture You Home

Upon the wings of infinite prayers you set flight toward a Kingdom you emphatically knew was waiting for you 

Last breaths such as yours are difficult to forget because with its exhale you changed the scenery around us

Colors went to black and white immediately until a grieving lady, hiding under the guise of a brave face, gave us back the red

Days became weeks and these became months and now today it is a year that you’ve been gone

The cliché would be to say it feels just like yesterday, but for those closest to you it is still that emotional yesterday they are living

Absence and heart hurts have a way of binding time and causing it to stand still

Beholden to the reality of a tomorrow without you in it, a new day has not made its way onto the calendar

To go on and enjoy the toils of life is to admit that you are gone, embracing the defeat of your untimely departure

Some dream of you, some think of you, some pray for you and there is a vivid picture of a mother who adorns your grave with flowers periodically

I keep you alive with words and prose and narratives that decorate the end of your story with hues of nostalgia, sentiment and light

I remember walking into your hospital room as a man whose faith had been challenged by the reality of your illness

I walked out a changed man, humbled by your courage and inspired by your resolve, ashamed by my lack of faith

I don’t know if I saw that Kingdom as clear as you saw it, but the peace in your eyes showed me that what you saw was bathed in the candor of a truth clearly not of this world

So today, on this much too hurried anniversary of your mortal goodbye, I picture you with the Father of time and space and creation

I picture you smiling, quietly waiting for the milliseconds of heaven that will bring you closer to the loves you left behind

I picture you with the look of health on your face and the weight of nothing on your shoulders

I picture you in that Kingdom, the one whose vistas still elude my line of sight 

And despite my fragmented, oft broken, oft restored faith

I picture you home



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