The Mathematics Of Friendship 

Proposition: Given, a point in space waiting to be connected with another random point; thus, we are presented with a line.

On this line we can plot milestones, carve off segments, we can cross other lines or we can draw even yet another line to run parallel.

Points meet. Points greet. Points connect or points don’t connect. The line is  drawn or the point is ignored.  Another point, possibly, randomly again, might connect with it.

When we draw the line and make the connection, it is the beginning. The line will grow in length to signify time, the line will mark happy and sad segments and on the line we will plot other important points where the connection was changed, strained or strengthened.

From the line we will draw connection points creating triangles and squares and numerous shapes of relationships as the points, yet again, meet, greet and form their own connections.

As people we are the points and this confusing definition of random lines and connections is the science of relationships.

To connect with someone on a friendly level opens your life to a host of possibilities. To choose someone for your life is by far a different dynamic than to be born to someone, to be related to someone or to fall in love with someone, as love trumps all aspects of choice.

Friendship is born of camaraderie, common interest and attraction of charms. The deficiencies in one are augmented by the talents of the other.  Two people become complementary of one another and supplement the human experience enjoyed by both.

The possibility of points of happy that can be plotted on the line are infinite, immeasurable in volume and quantity – ultimately defining the line and solidifying the connection of the two points for eternity.

This is something that cannot be defined by an equation, it is merely an instance in time that exponentially grows and its ability to grow is only limited by the depth of the two points.

It is complicated in theory and yet it is the simplest notion.

We meet. We greet. We connect.

We draw  a line connecting each other.

In some cases, that line goes on forever.

That is the mathematics of friendship.



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