As Whole

There will be people who count and matter who will change your life.

They will alter the course of your destiny, placing anchors where otherwise you would have left footprints in the wake of your departure. 

They will not allow you to be a passerby, they will hold on to you and reclaim you as their own. 

They will bring people into your life, some you will keep and others you will discard, but they will build a repertoire of characters whose roles will be main in the story of you. 

These anchors of destiny, your eventual pillars of strength, will be mirrors in which you will view all of your ugly and upon whom you will look for excuse – they will not give it, they will be your truth. 

You will live the chapters of your stories with them as they hold your hand through life’s trying moments; in turn, you will do the same for them. 

This exchange of respect will solidify the bond you carry and will propel the train of friendship into the land of family, for the borders of relationship are not defined by bloodlines. 

The inconvenient truth of friendship is that we learn to need what once we knew not, the reins of affection pulling the strings of our heart, teaching us about longing and wanting. 

Despite this weakening of our emotional muscle, friendships sustain us. 

They allow us to escape the immediacy of family and find refuge in an alternately designed state of kinship. 

They give us release from the confines of acceptable behavior. 

They will take our fragile pieces and solve the puzzle of how to improve the sum of our parts and see us, through broken fragments and all…

As whole. 

It is in this fashion, that those who count and matter change our life. 




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